Mark Kelly delivers a master stroke by initiating 30 minute highly effective consultations for business people

Mark Kelly
Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly the founder of NewEdge Growth, is a sales and marketing expert who endeavours to make a difference for businesses. He helps sharpen operations to facilitate business success. Mark Kelly’s own company NewEdgeGrowth needed rebranding and repositioning during the pandemic when it was performing poorly. Due to the pandemic his company was badly hit and not bringing in revenue. Not allowing himself to be cowed down, he decided to reinvent and restructure his company and operations. Mark Kelly along with his business partner thought of a free 30-minute consultation with business people. This was aimed at seeing how they could contribute towards the well being of their business and help out. This initiative became an instant hit.

Mark Kelly
                                                                                                        Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly says this was the shot in the arm that they needed. Business became magical and people immediately took to this idea and tried to see how they could use it to implement it in their existing businesses. He says the last 12 months after introduction of this idea have been very productive. 

He dispels the myth that marketing means social media postings or product brochures. He educates people and explains that tactics and plan or strategy are two different aspects. The former comes under tactics. A Well thought out strategy and plan is extremely crucial for business success. Mark 

Kelly further elaborates that marketing is two sided. There is a creative side and a business side. He is strongly inclined towards the business side. His expertise lies the sales or rev ops or what some call the process. He understands the CRM systems like Salesforce and HubSpot and this is what he uses in his strategies. He consults and advices people to use this for business improvement.

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