Men’s jewellery collection launched – Meet Tiara Dhody the name behind it!

Tiara Dhody
Tiara Dhody

It is doubly difficult to live up to the expectations of people if you have a legacy of celebrity parents to live up to. Tiara Dhody is the daughter of fashion icon and jewelry designer Queenie Singh. Tiara Dhody has, however, worked hard to make a mark for herself.  Today, she is a well-known fashion designer, writer, and model. 

Tiara’s creativity and innovation, recently came to the forefront when she launched a jewelry collection for men. Among her other achievements are a ready-to-wear Pret line for women, jewelry designed for celebrities like Yash & Avanti Birla, Shobha De, Richard Caring, just to name a few.

Tiara displays a great sense of independence when she says she wanted to achieve success on her own instead of just being known as the daughter of celeb parents. She had the drive to move out of a sheltered existence and create a name for herself. She was drawn towards experimenting with a jewelry line for men. A new and exciting field.

Tiara Dhody
             Tiara Dhody

With work-life and life, in general, being thrown out of gear during the pandemic, Tiara adapted herself quickly to the changing needs of the work culture. She designed a product that was much needed and well-received during the pandemic. She launched an exclusive line of gloves and accompanying accessories for the modern and discerning consumer. She realized that masks were being given a lot of attention by designers and gloves which too were an important accessory had been completely ignored. That is why she set out designing a line of the much-needed gloves. She gave the mundane and boring gloves, a complete make-over.

Tiara Dhody is also a talented writer. In 2019, she has penned a compilation of short stories.

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