Miami Swim Week features Super model Amber Wang Walking for Camilla with Love and other brands

Super model Amber Wang
Super model Amber Wang

Amber Wang, a Chinese supermodel added sparkle with her pleasing personality and appearance at the Miami Swim Week. She showcased Walking for Camilla with Love and other reputed swimwear brands. The exclusive swimwear 2021 fashion show had famous brands and names associated with swimming and resort fashion wear. The beautiful and petite supermodel Amber Wang is one of the busiest and most sought-after Asian models.  Apart From Camilla with Love, she walked for the Lisa Nicole Collection, Jalu Swimwear, and boutique global swimwear of 4 other top brands. 

Amber Wang looked mesmerizing in a gorgeous, sparkly gold bikini that had a flowing ribbon-patterned cover.  Amber essayed an ethereal look in a beautiful grey and black bikini which had gauzy grey wrap pants, with waist detailing and gathers at the ankles. This style was similar to the cyber-punk trend. This ensemble had a unique head decoration in cream color, based on a Thai/Balinese theme. The cream color offered a beautiful contrast to the grey and black outfit. The success of the show was marked by the appreciation of the attendees, which resulted in multiple orders being placed.

Super model Amber Wang
                Amber Wang

The Annual Swim Show – Miami Swim Week, is much more than just a fashion show. It is an integral and vital part of the industry. The various purposes it serves are to connect the buyers with the suppliers and build meaningful relationships through this platform. It also introduces the audience and visitors to the latest fashion and trends that are available in the industry. This show offers the opportunity of a launchpad for many leading names from the industry. Miami is reckoned as the swim fashion capital of the world. More than 3,000 buyers from 60 countries, visit the Miami Swim Week.

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