Michael Connor – Oculoplastic surgeon, creates his own unique scar therapy – “Scarology”


The dissatisfaction with the prevalent scare therapy has prompted Oculoplastic surgeon Michael Connor, to create his own unique solution.  The new therapy created by him is named “Scarology.” The procedure involves applying the exfoliation portion in the mornings, which is followed by applying the Ultimate Scar Cream twice daily. Following this process, the Silicone Scar Sheets that provide nourishment and compression for the scars to heal are kept on the region that is affected overnight.


A majority of the modern populations says Michael Connor, is interested in removing scars, and no longer look at it as defining the battles that they have endured in life. According to an estimation, 100 million people will be acquiring scars by next year and there is a high possibility of them undergoing surgeries to support their wellbeing, good health and longevity.

Oculoplastic surgeon Dr Michael Connor is therefore, happy that he has provided a much better solution for scar therapy.   This therapy will apart from providing a good solution will also guarantee a peace of mind to the patients, he says. Many patients had complained to him that the over-the-counter treatments were not working. Dr. Connor is an award-winning surgeon and his treatment is unique and highly effective.

His scar therapy will also help patients who had been living with old scars, new scars and even stretch marks accepting it as a way of life and had given up hopes of any cures for those.

The Scarology® Ultimate Scar System, can be used as a home treatment. This does not need any medical supervision, and is easy and convenient. This routine involves a simple day and night procedure and improves the texture, colour and appearance of scars. It uses a fruit acid exfoliator that helps in removing unhealthy skin cells that surround the area of the scar. Oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Michael Connor’s scar therapy is indeed innovative and is being looked forward to keenly.

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