Michael Fishman unveils his humanitarian side by donating masks and supplies to the needy

Michael Fishman
Michael Fishman

Michael Fishman is a well-known name in Hollywood. The long-running TV series Roseanne and The Conners which is its spin-off show has him playing D.J Conners. Michael Fishman has ensured that he carries his heroic persona beyond the screen to real life. By doing charitable deeds and teaming up with NGO’s he has given back to society selflessly.

Michael Fishman
                                                                            Michael Fishman

At a very young age, Michael Fishman became a child star overnight. He could have gone in a different unmeaningful direction like most successful child artists, but he chose to give a direction, purpose, and meaning to his life. Most of his sense of purpose and direction resulted from good mentorship and the good company that he kept and mixed around with. He proved to the world that he was different from the other youngsters who were just happy in their success with scant regard for others. The Southern California region recently benefitted from his generosity. He donated a lot of supplies and thousands of masks, to homeless shelters, NGO’s and veterans. On the other hand, as a business, his company Mclusive Media is engaged in producing features. Michael Fishman is still active in acting but that’s not all he does. He engages in social work too.

Michael Fishman says that he was a keen observer and learned from people around him and their experiences. He remained grounded and responsible, despite having tasted success early. The content that his company creates is original and includes stories that move people and are heartfelt.

Regarding his philanthropic activities, he says that he is very appreciative of NGOs that are doing good work. They have the aim and the purpose and need the funds to shape their aim and purpose into meaningful action.

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