Michelle Vogrinec strategizes for long term business growth

michelle vogrinec
michelle vogrinec

In a world that is being dominated by automation, with dwindling human interface, Michelle Vogrinec focuses on being client-centered. She coaches on how to build businesses gradually and slowly. She focuses on building sustainable brands. Michelle Vogrinec thinks of ways and means to build a customer connection. Michelle has had a working career of over twenty years and has been in marketing for approximately thirty. The popular Australian baby skincare brand that was established in 2002 to rise to success by 2019 GAIA natural baby was founded by her. It was sold globally and stocked by 5000 retailers. During her long career, Michelle Vogrinec has faced numerous challenges and difficulties. She has also seen huge successes through her determination and hard work.

michelle vogrinec
                            Michelle Vogrinec

With the immense experience that she has gathered, Michelle has now made it her life’s mission to help business owners including small businesses to flourish. She coaches in business and marketing. Through her efforts, she facilitates the connections between business owners and their clients. She helps build strong and solid foundations for business. This in turn helps in promoting business growth. According to Michelle, a focus on numbers is very crucial. In her opinion people inadvertently mistake ROAS and ROI as profit which is not so. What ensures long-term success in her opinion are the pricing of the product which should be correct, one’s outgoings should be accounted for, and one’s profit margins must be well understood. Just selling the products well, according to her does not constitute success. Michelle adopts a hybrid coaching system. She hand holds her clients during the entire process of marketing. She gives them a business direction and ensures that they are on the path to success.

Michelle focuses on creating success stories for her clients by aligning their vision with their goals.

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