Model Jessica Knura features on the cover page of ELLE magazine

Jessica Knura
Jessica Knura

Model Jessica Knura, was spotted on the cover page of the July 2021 ELLE magazine and told us all about what went into shooting it.

To feature on the cover page of any magazine and one as prestigious as the ELLE magazine is a remarkable feat. The models and personalities are chosen based on their achievements and capabilities since the readers are generally influenced to buy or read the magazine based on the cover. Apart from a visual appeal the magazine should feature personalities who have made it big in their own industries in any way. Jessica Knura represents the genre of successful women who have carved their own individual identities. Jessica Knura represents women who are smart and self-determined. Readers also look at cover pages of people they recognise and know. Jessica Knura is a familiar face whom the people recognise and know. She ranks amongst the popular woman achievers and hence the interest of the readers is heightened if she is seen on the cover. The model has achieved a lot and won immense appreciation from the audience at a young age of only 24.

Jessica Knura
                                                                                                          Jessica Knura

Jessica Knura talks about interesting facts about the shooting. Model Jessica talks about the fun she had during the shooting apart from executing her work. She has the advantage of wearing clothes of top reputed brands, namely Gobi Cashmere of Switzerland, Les Lunes, Camille Ghione, and so on. She has executed all the styles with perfection, whether it is a beach look or a casual look and so on. This has given her a much-needed push on the path of success.

Commenting on the shoot she mentions that since it was at an actual construction site, they had real workers at the site who also kept them entertained. It was shot in Munich and the locale of the shoot added to its appeal. 

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