More than sixty mosques were demolished in Gaza.

More than sixty mosques were demolished in Gaza.

More than sixty mosques were demolished in Gaza. According to Al Jazeera, an Israeli aircraft dropped a bomb on the al-Salam Mosque, which is located in the Sabra neighborhood of Gaza City, which is in the northern section of the besieged region.

According to the article, the Palestinian news agency Wafa stated that the destruction of the al-Salam Mosque brought the total number of mosques demolished by Israeli forces since October 7 to 60. This information was cited in the report.

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Under international humanitarian law, places of worship can be afforded the same level of protection as other cultural properties.

“192 mosques have been damaged as a result of Israeli aggression, 56 of which have been destroyed; three churches have also been targeted,” spokesman Salama Marouf said at a press conference in Gaza City.

Furthermore, he disclosed that 113 healthcare institutions were significantly damaged, 192 medical and healthcare facilities were damaged, and 32 ambulances were destroyed; sixteen hospitals and thirty-two health centers were rendered inoperable.

Marouf further stated that the occupation had caused damage to approximately 222,000 residential units, of which 10,000 buildings have been wholly destroyed, and 40,000 residential units have been destroyed.

Furthermore, sixty schools have been rendered inoperable as a result of the Israeli occupation’s destruction of 222 schools, which sustained various types of damage from continuous shelling. Additionally, 88 government structures have been destroyed since the start of the aggression.

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