Movie Ticket Prices at AMC Theaters Will Vary by Section

Movie Ticket Prices at AMC Theaters Will Vary by Section

Movie Ticket Prices at AMC Theaters Will Vary by Section; if you want a good seat the next time you go to an AMC theatre, you might have to pay a bit more.

The most extensive exhibition chain uses Sightline at AMC in the country to charge different prices for different seats in the theatre. Moviegoers can pay more or less for entry according to where in the theatre they sit, just like at concerts, sporting events, and Broadway shows. A lower price for seats in the first row will be offered, while those in the middle of the theatre will be priced higher.

The program launches this Friday in select AMC theatres in New York City, Chicago, and Kansas City and will roll out nationwide by year’s end.

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There are three pricing tiers available. Standard Sightline is the first option and includes “seats that are the most frequent in auditoriums and are available for the standard cost of a ticket.” Value Sightline seats are described as “in the front row of the auditorium, as well as select ADA seats in each auditorium, and are available at a lower price than normal sightline tickets.” (AMC Stubs members, even the free tier, can only access the Value Sightline rate.) Preferred Sightline seats are located in the auditorium’s sweet spot yet cost more than regular seats. Those on the A-List for AMC Stubs will be able to secure seats in the Preferred Sightline Section at no extra charge.

During the online AMC app and box office ticket purchasing processes, patrons should be able to view a detailed seat map that details each seating option at Sightline at AMC theatres. The Sightline at AMC discount is valid for shows starting at participating theatres after 4 p.m. On Discount Tuesdays, all movie tickets are $5. Thus, this offer is not correct then.

According to Eliot Hamlisch, executive VP and chief marketing officer for AMC Theatres, “Sightline at AMC more closely matches AMC’s seat pricing policy to that of many other entertainment venues, delivering experienced-based pricing and another method for moviegoers to find value at the movies.” While every seat in an AMC theatre offers a first-rate viewing experience, we are aware that some customers place a higher value on a specific seat than others do on price. Sightline at AMC satisfies both of these desires, allowing us to tailor our services to each customer better and making each visit to an AMC theatre more enjoyable.

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