Multiple sources of income guarantee entrepreneurial success – young entrepreneur BJ Smith adopts this maxim!

entrepreneur BJ Smith
entrepreneur BJ Smith

Young entrepreneurs today have an independent approach to success. They believe more in experimentation and its’ outcomes. They are open to adopting bold measures for success.  However, there are a few like young entrepreneur BJ Smith who can be called a chip off the old block. He strongly professes what his grandfather had told him years back.

He had been advised to create multiple sources of income, to stay above poverty, and create that wide gap between poverty and plenty or even sufficient.


entrepreneur BJ Smith
                            Entrepreneur BJ Smith

At the young age of 21, unlike the young entrepreneurs of today, who are taking huge losses in their stride influenced by the new way of thinking, has always been different. He has always looked for opportunities to diversify his means of income. 

Today, BJ Smith is reckoned as a new digital age entrepreneur living life and conducting business on his own terms. He is instrumental in creating an educational platform for the masses to generate income. Successful, entrepreneur B.J Smith was born and brought up in Greenville, North Carolina. He currently resides in Greensboro.

Starting his business by observing how people bought food, inspired him with the idea of setting up his own vending machines for food. Very soon he owned seven vending machines in different locations of North Carolina. He then dabbled in opportunities related to network marketing and trading. B. J Smith then established his own entrepreneurial vision called Paper Route Investments. He then recruited a 300-member team that was fired with the same vision of success. This company currently employs 450 individuals, working in North Carolina, Texas, and Florida. B.J Smith strongly advocates learning new skills for income generation by all entrepreneurs. He also strives to give people financial independence while they are working from anywhere in the world.

The new age of entrepreneurship has evolved but there are some like B.J Smith who believe in their own ideas and works towards that!

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