Na’eem Walton curates engaging concepts for his collaborations

Na’eem Walton
Na’eem Walton

Na’eem Walton is a well-known global name having partnered with Chanel, Members Only, BPI Sports, Orttu, The Million Roses, Sebastian Cruz Couture, to name a few.  He is widely known for the curated experience that he can create for his collaborations. His expertise is instrumental in helping him generate advertising campaigns that are highly profitable. These campaigns create a high reach and brand awareness that translates into good sales and yields profits. Na’eem Walton connects with his audience through a good social media presence with over 60k followers which is constantly evolving and growing. He gets brands on board his social media to help widen their reach and increase their visibility. He has also featured on TV shows like – “Snoop Dogg’s Jokers Wild” “ABC’s The Proposal” “Love Lock, Steve Talk Show” “Ultimate Tag” and many more. Na’eem’s growing popularity can also be attributed to his being featured in print and on television shows globally. Na’eem is also known as a freelance model and a certified dating coach. His latest series from the Shade Room’s “Love Lockdown” sees him sharing his beliefs on relationship and the philosophies related to dating.

Na’eem Walton
                                                                                                   Na’eem Walton

Na’eem Walton has over 11 TV Appearances to date, He has a rich marketing and advertising background that makes him versatile enough to offer the best curated experiences to his collaborators. Na’eem Walton’s mixed portfolio includes being a well acknowledged designer, clothing line producer, entertainment entrepreneur and designer.

Na’eem Walton is passionate about his work and uses his expertise to bring the best on the table for his collaborators. He understands the importance of generating quick and effective impact of brands and maximising their reach to potential clients. With an astute understanding of creating a uniqueness in the propositions he curates successful concepts for his collaborators.

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