Nandini Devi establishes Mpowered Health with a vision of creating a socially responsible company

Nandini Devi
Nandini Devi

The healthcare experience faced by individuals and their family members, is far from smooth and appealing. Alongwith many other challenges, obtaining and sharing records is a difficult task. An understanding of the coverage and its benefits, a clear comprehension of the same and the awareness regarding the various choices available in healthcare are imperative. 

Nandini Devi, Founder & CEO of Mpowered Health stresses on the importance of being a strategic thinker and combining it with empathy to build companies that are impactful and also carry a social responsibility.

Nandini Devi, was the co-founder of ZeOmega, before she set up Mpowered Health. Nandini was instrumental in scaling it into the top most companies in the industry with the largest population health management solutions.

Nandini Devi
                                                                                       Nandini Devi

Nandini Devi is a well-qualified professional with a Master’s degree from The Wharton School, in Business Administration. She had completed her graduation in electronics engineering from Bangalore University.

One of the major objectives of Mpowered Health is to empower individuals and families to chart out their own health care experience. The company’s platform also enables healthcare organisations to acquire, serve, retain consumers. Nandini is very clear in her view that Mpowered Health will cater to all age groups and genders irrespective of their socio- economic status.

Mpowered Health will offer mobile and web apps. This will help consumers to consolidate the data and records from different sources and also share their records with physicians, care givers and their own family members.

Through her venture Nandini seeks to cover the entire life span of an individual, form birth to death and offer the empowerment of managing their health care. It provides the consumers the power of choice, access and convenience of manging their own and their family’s healthcare effectively.

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