Now become a poet with the help of Google’s new tool

Now become a poet with the help of Google’s new tool

Verse by Verse is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that will help you write a poem verse by verse. This new tool by Google is a creative helper, an inspiration, and not a replacement, said the company.

Those who admire the work of their favorite poets can compose a poem as the tool will replicate their style. Up to 3 poets can be selected by users from the list, which includes Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Edgar Allen Poe, HW Longfellow, and others. Once the style is selected and the poem’s structure is finalized, the AI-based tool will encourage users to write their first verse. It will then ask users to write more verses based on different factors. Google said that it has instructed its AI system to give hints to the users based on the style of each poet to inspire the users when they compose the poem.

                                                               Now become a poet with the help of Google’s new tool

Once the verse is suggested by Google, more ideas will be suggested by the company to help users to pick the ones they like. Users will be able to replace the tool’s suggestions with their own poem’s verses and then edit the poem to make it more personalized. Once users are satisfied with the end result, they can give the poem a title and finalize the same.

Dave Uthus, Software Engineer, Google AI had mentioned in a blog post, “We give you two options: copy the text itself, or download the poem as an image. In either case, you can easily save the poem and share it with others.” “Verse by Verse’s suggestions are not the original lines of the verse the poets had written, but novel versus generated to sound like lines of the verse the poets could have written,” he had written in the blog.

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