Officially the oldest cat in the world is Flossie 26.

Officially the oldest cat in the world is Flossie 26.

Officially the oldest cat in the world is Flossie 26. As the oldest living cat in the world, a pet from south-east London has broken the previous record. According to Guinness World Records, Flossie, a 26-year-old cat from Orpington, has a human equivalent age of 120 years, making her the oldest cat.

Vicki Green, Flossie’s owner, called her “an amazing cat” who adapted to her new surroundings after being adopted by Cats Protection. Vicki claimed that despite being deaf and having failing eyesight, Flossie was still loving and playful. I was aware right away that Flossie was a unique cat, according to Ms. Green.

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But I never thought I’d live with someone who holds a Guinness World Record. When you consider how old she is, she is especially sweet and affectionate. According to Guinness World Records, Flossie was living in a colony of cats close to a hospital in Merseyside when two employees decided to help them out by adopting a cat each.

The organization added that Flossie and the worker, a woman, shared a home for 10 years before the worker passed away. Flossie was then taken in by the worker’s sister, who cared for her for 14 years before she too died.

She was finally placed with Ms. Green because it was stated that she had knowledge of taking care of senior cats.

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