Online forums are offering support for women entrepreneurs. Sakshi Dhamija empowers women through social media!

Sakshi Dhamija
Sakshi Dhamija

Life is not easy for entrepreneurs and more so if you are a woman of color. Sakshi Dhamija has battled a lot of discrimination and emerged successfully. After encountering discrimination at close quarters Sakshi Dhamija was enthused with the idea of offering advice and support to women through social media. Nearly all working women and budding entrepreneurs are internet savvy, that was the premise on which this platform of hers was born.   She has created an online space that is shared by all women, irrespective of their skin, color, nationality, religion, etc. It is an inclusive platform for all with no distinctions. The target group is women in business. Through her Facebook group and online forums of her website, Sakshi Dhamija offers advice and support to women. 

Sakshi Dhamija
                                                            Sakshi Dhamija

Sakshi is aware that women are eager to start their own ventures and harbour dreams. Very few though, unfortunately, achieve what they set out for. Achievement is linked to proper guidance and support which is missing in most cases. Sakshi Dhamija works towards achieving success as a business coach and inspiring women to achieve their dreams and brave all odds. She is determined to carry her success to shape the success stories of others.

Sakshi as a youngster was eager to travel the world by being financially independent. She is currently based in Berlin with her husband and has used her skills and dedication to create a successful business empire for herself. In her early days, she has faced hardships through debts and the loss of a job. When she eventually established a handful of satisfied clients her happiness and satisfaction knew no bounds. Being able to solve their business problems effectively and instilling confidence in them for the future, giving her a great sense of satisfaction and unparalleled joy. 

Sakshi is well entrenched in her ongoing mission of empowering women entrepreneurs.



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