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Robert Bampton
Robert Bampton,

The conversation about intimacy, in general, has always been problematic. What is normal? What is moral? What should stay hidden behind the closed bedroom doors and what can be openly spoken about? Opinions vary depending on the culture, society, religion, or history. We know that everybody does it. Yet we have a hard time talking about it.

 Rob Bampton or Robbie Oz as he is known as is a normal Aussie bloke with a desire to help others and big ambitions to change the world of intimacy, exactly as Hugh Hefner did. Rob has always been passionate about the topic.

 In February 2020, Robert Bampton founded 10XOF with a simple mission to normalize intimacy. After creating several online courses, he started his journey on OF. We sat down with Rob to discuss his vision as well as the unique qualities of OF and the opportunities it offers.

Robert Bampton
                                        Robert Bampton


 OF stands for Onlyfans, which is a subscription-based platform that enables content creators to monetize their influence. They can do that in the form of pay-per-view (PPV), tips, live streams, and more. The site was founded in 2016 by Timothy Stokely and has over 50 million registered users and 1M, creators.

 The initial idea was to create a platform for performers to provide clips and photos to their followers for a monthly subscription fee. However, the site developed its own unique customer base. Not only it is used by artists, musicians, and other performers, but Onlyfans drew in also chefs, fitness trainers, celebrities, influencers, and a huge amount of sex workers.


 Rob has started his OF to further support his goal of an open approach to sexuality. His content encourages sexual openness in society as a whole by maintaining an unmatched standard of educational quality whilst keeping it entertaining to the viewer.

 “I truly share Hugh Hefner’s philosophy that stresses the need to normalize sexuality to the world,” Rob told us. “Rather than using phony and unrealistic content that is regularly seen on other sites, myself and OF, in general, encourage real material involving real people.”

 Rob Bampton has celebrated incredible success with his approach and true Hugh Hefner entrepreneurial mind. Within 6 months, he became one of the TOP 0.1% OF Content Creators Worldwide and also won the Australian Adult Award 2021 for the Best Male Adult Content Creator.

 “I am striving to be the best because that is where I can truly influence millions, by inspiration. What I am doing is absolutely available to everyone else. I consider it my mission to be helping others; I can teach people how to start earning a million dollars in the following year!” says Robert Bampton.



 OF platform has grown exponentially during Covid. Suddenly the idea of making money online and working from home had a completely new meaning. What was rather a choice before became an absolute necessity and the only way to earn money for millions of people. And since Beyonce dropped the name off in her song ‘Savage Remix’, the platform claims to receive about 200,000 new users and 7,000 new creators every day. That is incredible!

 Many new creators are celebrating instantaneous success. Jess, who had been working as a bartender for 7 years at the average wage, signed up to OF via Rob and made more in her first month than several months at the bar. She quit her job and is now full-time and has bought and paid for a house.


“So, how do you do it?” Robert goes on. “Let me spare you 18 months of your time and tens of hours of YouTube lessons. All of this can be taught in 10 modules. That is what OF10x is – the most comprehensive online course there is on how to succeed on OF.”


Robert Bampton created these exclusive masterclasses to teach people how to achieve their monetary and lifestyle goals using the Onlyfans platform. All of his content is based on his own experience, using processes and material he has personally used to create his own success.

“There are so many tips and tricks I learned that are applicable to everyone. I have already been helping my friends with their accounts and the results have been incredible.”

 This online course comes with a money-back guarantee. It is the safest bet you can make to enhance your lifestyle and start building your empire.

 “I am so excited to see people embracing their sexuality, normalizing it in our society, and earning money doing so,” Rob admits.

 Visit OF10X for more information on how you can get started with your own journey.

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