Online reputation management how brands transition from local to global- A perspective by entrepreneur Harpreet Kaur.

Entrepreneur Harpreet Kaur
Entrepreneur Harpreet Kaur

With cutthroat competition in digital marketing, space originality is the clincher. When 25-year-old Harpreet Kaur from Khanna (Punjab) ventured into the digital marketing space she knew that she had to contend with huge competition. In the day and age when a click defines your success and failure one has to be well versed with the needs of brands and the customers. One has to be extremely adept and think on one’s feet to out the beat competition. 

Harpreet Kaur had harbored thoughts about this career while she was pursuing her B.Tech. She had started working towards it by participating in event management and other freelancing activities, to gain experience. 

     Entrepreneur Harpreet Kaur
     Entrepreneur Harpreet Kaur

Having amassed a wealth of experience in the world of digital marketing through work done, she set up Nirgia Brand Promoters- her own freelancing firm. This firm went on to do exceedingly well. Harpreet Kaur has completed the challenging task of taking brands from the local to the global platform through her unique style of online reputation management.

Harpreet Kaur’s expertise has yielded wonderful results so far. She has 40+freelance projects where her focus is on providing social media marketing services and search engine marketing services. Not resting on these successes, she has also led 6+ online promotions of award show projects, and 1 live show branding project. This was a Sufi night with Satinder Sartaj in Ludhiana. 

Harpreet Kaur has also imparted training on digital marketing, media marketing, organizing live shows, etc. to people who are enthusiastic about it. She believes in sharing her knowledge and skills to bring about better solutions for the digital media world.

 The online digital marketing space is evolving and new strategies of creating visibility is the need of the hour. Young entrepreneurs like Harpreet Kaur are doing their best to fill in space and help brands make the much-desired shift from local to global! 

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