Pandemic driven start up ideas

Pandemic driven start up ideas
Pandemic driven start up ideas

With the world coming to a standstill for nearly two years now in the wake of the unprecedented havoc created by the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have suffered immensely. So, when you are stranded at home with a complete ban or restrictions on movement outside, how do you survive? What do you do for a living? 

The key to doing business, earning and establishing successful start-ups during the lockdown and the pandemic-driven new business world is to encash on the very obvious.  The ONLINE world! 

Technology has brought us close, so this is the power to be harnessed for bringing people together without physical proximity. Keeping the social distancing and all other COVID Protocols in mind. 

Most, if not all successful startups during the pandemic were online and virtual. This powerful tool can help you reach people not only nationally and locally but internationally too. It can permeate any corner of the world. The right online business idea can fetch excellent revenue for you in these trying times. Let us explore a few ideas below-

Pandemic driven start up ideas
               Pandemic driven start up ideas

 You can launch a dropshipping store – 

This is a great way to start a business without investing in warehouses to stock your products. This can be started with a minimal or tight budget too. You can source a preexisting product from a seller, who will be responsible for its packaging and other details.  There is no upfront cash risk of cash being tied up. You source products, pay, and then deliver forward. Wholesalers and manufacturers are to be approached, after which the product is sourced and shipped to the customer. You are the intermediary. Low costs, greater flexibility, and lower risks define this business model.

Starting online classes or consultancy –

Most of us are skilled in some aspects, so architects, engineers, interior decorators, beauty specialists, personality trainers and groomers, image consultants, chefs, artists, teachers, etc. can engage in online classes and tutorials which have no investment to make and can only generate good revenue You have to target the right audience and start off.

The pandemic has taught us that we can master and learn what works for us professionally. Any idea that yields good results given the current restrictions is a good start-up idea. 

So put your thoughts together and get going! 


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