Michael Etenda Baali became Ike David Baali “B’oloko Wa Nzakomba” (the heart of God in Lomongo) was born on May 1, 1974 in Monkoto province of Equateur district of La Tshuapa, capital of Mbandaka in the DRCongo (ex: Zaire ) Ike David Baali is a miraculous child because indeed during the pregnancy of his mother, Marceline Amba Wetshi, he will disappear from her womb only to reappear 2 months later. Shortly after his birth, he fell seriously ill (polio) which caused a handicap in his legs.



For lack of treatment and structures adapted to care for his son, his father Jean Ilosau Ngoy Baali decided to go to the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (ex: Zaire), Kinshasa. Following the divorce of his parents, he spent a long time of his life in the streets of the city of Kinshasa begging for money in order to get out of poverty. He will still continue his education at the famous institut lumumba and INAS schools to learn music. Note that Ike David is the founder of the Original Mbonda Ecuador group. He was also a musician in the groups Esobolo Pesa Weight, Staff Musica and Chic Choc Ekanga of his cousin Mbaliosombo (Ngablo Bonganda Freddy).


It was during a dream in 1996 that the Lord Jesus Christ first appeared to him. He therefore accepted him as Lord and Savior of his life under the tutelage of his spiritual father the Reverend Challenger Mufike Ngandu Patrick of the Evangelical Vision of Victory Church at Bon Marché. He will be ordained as an evangelist in 2002. The gift for music always present, the Evangelist Ike Baali David launched in 2004 his first opus on the market called “Likambo a Ngolu” which will also be the title of his very first album through the evangelist Emmauel Djodjo Mulex Our artist currently resides in Germany more precisely in Europe.

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