Patricia Demetriou guides the youth, who are a country’s future, on the path of success

Patricia Demetriou
Patricia Demetriou

Much has been said about the youth, who are seen as the future of any country. It is the youth of any country who eventually transform into leaders of tomorrow. Their career, their goals their decisions are very vital to society. This is what Patricia Demetriou strongly believes. She has devoted her time to guiding the youth, training, and educating them. Patricia Demetriou has made it her mission to impart the necessary guidance to the youth so that they are well equipped to handle the roles and responsibilities of tomorrow as leaders of society. As a professional, actress, Patricia Demetriou took it upon herself to educate the youth who come from the lower strata of society and are at a disadvantage as compared to their more educated and affluent counterparts. Educating the youth early in their lives is of utmost importance says Patricia Demetriou.

Patricia Demetriou
                                                                                                                                                                            Patricia Demetriou

 If the youth are guided properly, it helps in saving them from deviating on wrong paths that are harmful to society. Patricia had an unhappy childhood with her parents separating when she was just five. She grew up in Columbus, Ohio. She has seen poverty, with her mother struggling to make ends meet

Her family background and her trials and sorrows in her early years made her realise the impact poverty and the absence of stable family life can have on an individual and the youth in general. The vulnerable minds need proper guidance and support. 

Patricia did not let the obstacles in her path limit her possibilities. She moved to Los Angeles. She enrolled in ULCA and studied as well as tried in Hollywood. She did not have very encouraging experiences in Hollywood and decided to pursue academics.

Drawing on her own experiences she realised that life skills are very important for survival. She chose to devote her time and energy to guide the ones who needed the kit the most. The Youth of the country.

Devoted individuals like Patricia Demetriou are surely and steadily working towards a better, educated, and inspired world through the youth!

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