Personal transformation for entrepreneurs takes then from despair to hope according to Adam Vibe Gunton

Adam Vibe Gunton
Adam Vibe Gunton

Many stories have been told about entrepreneurs who were broke and have created a business empire and transformed the lives of others. Adam Vibe Gunton harbors ambitious plans of being a global speaker. He is armed with the mission to educate and inform people about the perils of drug addiction and the accompanying misery and pain with it. He believes he has the potential to educate drug addicts and lift them out of their addiction towards positivity and good habits. Adam Vibe Gunton has built a huge company has launched successful podcasts and has even authored a best seller. During his early days, Adam Vibe Gunton was homeless and poverty-stricken.  Hew is also a drug addict.

Adam Vibe Gunton
                                              Adam Vibe Gunton

After successfully picking up the addiction, Gunton formed a platform called “Recovered on Purpose” and encourages addicts to talk about their stories. He hopes that their stories will inspire others. This addiction has caused massive health conditions as well as deterioration in life expectancies the world over, including in the USA. Gunton exposes his spiritual side when he talks about embracing God in his work. Through his, work Gunton addresses the addicts and says how each one of them is important. Gunton inspires people to move from despair to joy, from misery to hope, and from addiction to giving the habit up. His podcast has become very popular and his speeches are very powerful and impactful too. Gunton focuses on educating the youth. He aims at lifting the addicts out of self-pity and self-hatred and showing them how important their lives are. He is keen to start at the school and college level and address youngsters whose minds are very impressionable. There have been lots of deaths related to drug overdose and Adam Vibe Gunton hopes to work towards lowering, if not completely eliminating those numbers.

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