Photoshop fails on Kate Middleton and Prince William’s traditional Christmas card.

Photoshop fails on Kate Middleton and Prince William's traditional Christmas card.

The Christmas portrait of the Prince and Princess of Wales with their three children appears compromised in Photoshop. Photoshop fails on Kate Middleton and Prince William’s traditional Christmas card.

The preceding Christmas card for this year features a casual family photo of Prince William and Kate, both 41 years old, posing with their children while wearing identical white shirts. The image was shared over the weekend.

The monochromatic photograph depicts the royal couple, accompanied by their sons, Prince George, ten, Prince Louis, five, and Princess Charlotte, eight, who is positioned in the foreground of the group. At the same time, Louis’ hand rests on her arm, all beaming. 

Although this is an editing error, Louis’s left hand is missing its middle finger.  Social media users have now become aware of the error, with some discovering additional inconsistencies. 

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The Wales family failed to notice the error, as it was made public over the weekend via their official X account, formerly known as Twitter.

Similarly, the tens of thousands of royal admirers who lauded the confidential family portrait should have recognized the apparent error.

Nevertheless, astute observers have resorted to X to inquire about the image. “What happened to Louis’ middle finger?” asked one.

An additional individual stated, “I am more concerned about Louis’ missing finger than the missing shoelaces.”

“Louis is missing a finger; this has to be the worst Photoshopped image ever,” wrote a third.

According to another, Louis is missing a digit, and Charlotte’s left hand appears excessively lengthy.

A fifth added, “While it is a lovely family photograph, Louis’ hand was the first thing I noticed when I saw it.” One of his fingers is absent. That prompted me to examine the subject more closely. His right limb is visibly enlarged. Where is the buttock of William? Where is the other foot of Kate?’

The photograph, captured by Josh Shinner, depicts the family dressed in complementary plain shirts, with George donning a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt. At the same time, William and the sons are attired in dark trousers. Charlotte and Kate both chose to wear denim trousers. In the interim, the monarchs selected a photograph of the coronation captured at Buckingham Palace to adorn their holiday card, distributed among acquaintances, relatives, and coworkers.

Massivo Burnand, a photographer, documented the royal couple standing side by side in the Palace throne chamber after the May ceremony, as evidenced by the formal photograph.

Camilla is depicted donning the Crown of Queen Mary, whereas Charles is donning the Imperial State Crown; the King is attired in a coronation tunic and the robe of estate.

The purple silk velour robe, which featured gold embroidery, was a garment by King George VI in 1937. The Queen is adorned in her estate garment, designed and hand-embroidered by the Royal School of Needlework and crafted by Ede and Ravenscroft. Her coronation gown, designed by Bruce Oldfield, is also on display. 

It is the second Christmas card exchanged by the couple since Charles ascended to the throne last year, succeeding Elizabeth II after her passing.

While he was still the Prince of Wales, the inaugural card of his reign depicted the King and Queen at the Braemar Games in Scotland on September 3, five days before the demise of his mother.

At Windsor earlier this year, the renowned photographer Shinner captured images of William, Kate, and their children.

Although less formal than the King’s, this year’s card exhibits more remarkable restraint than some of their prior season’s greetings. The first card featuring William and Kate as Prince and Princess of Wales was easygoing; it depicted the couple strolling through Sandringham Estate, Norfolk, accompanied by George, Charlotte, and Louis, all attired in trainers.

One of their most favored and reliable photographers, Matt Porteous captured the image, featuring a laid-back Kate wearing Superga sandals, denim, and a broderie anglaise shirt.

George and Louis were attired in chino shorts, whereas the Prince of Wales opted for jeans, and William and George wore polo shirts and Ralph Lauren shirts. Charlotte donned a denim playsuit that was embellished with strawberry motifs.

Prior postage stamps produced throughout their reign as Duke and Duchess of Cambridge mirrored this carefree and frequently vibrant aesthetic. For instance, their 2018 postage stamp featured the couple seated atop a tree trunk at Anmer Hall in Norfolk. 

Additionally, it upholds a customary practice of the Prince of Wales extending laid-back holiday greetings; the cards that Charles and Diana issued were of a similar casual nature. 

This year’s card resembles the one issued by Charles and Diana in 1984, featuring a delicate backdrop and a miniature Prince Harry, who was born in September of that same year, alongside a sly Prince William.

Following the inauguration of Charles and Camilla at Westminster Abbey earlier this year, a weekend of festivities ensued.

The couple, accompanied by the Prince and Princess of Wales and their children, the coronation pages, and Ladies in Attendance, descended to the Palace balcony to observe the throngs.

Approximately one hundred chiefs of state, monarchs, and queens from around the globe, celebrities, everyday champions, and the couple’s family and friends attended the event.

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