Polish model Joanna Borov debuts at The Miami Swim week

Joanna Borov
Joanna Borov

A meteoric rise in popularity was witnessed recently when international model and influencer Joanna Borov made her debut in Miami Swim Week. She received widespread adulation and praise. Joanna Borov had ranked this high priority on her to-do list and landed an early achievement. Popularity and success did not come easily to Joanna Borov. She had to work hard for it. While she was a student of fashion, she was also working in a few jobs. Today, she is admired as a top Los Angeles-based influencer.

Joanna has to struggle not only with external factors but her own inherent difficulties. Joanna’s physical attributes do not give her a natural edge in the fashion industry. She is not very tall and her 5’8” is considered average in the modeling world. Most of her colleagues, the runway models, are 6 feet and above. Joanna did not let this come in the way of her profession and successfully bagged prestigious assignments like the Paris Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, and very recently the Miami Swim Week. What got her these plum assignments were primarily her confidence and determination. The second issue that comes as a setback in her profession is her skin problems. She is not blessed with naturally good skin.

Joanna Borov
                                                                             Joanna Borov

Wearing makeup which is a necessity in her profession aggravates her skin issues. She tided over this with good medication. She is extremely cautious about her diet and daily routine to prevent a recurrence of skin problems. She takes precautions and avoids wearing makeup unless absolutely necessary. She also invests in good brands like La Mer and Kiehls as her beauty products.

 Joanna is extremely passionate about fashion and with the assistance of her mother, designed her first outfit at only 5 years of age. Her love for her work and dedication to succeed has made her a leading name in the fashion world today.

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