ProMagzine wishes you all a wonderful Diwali 2020

It was November 2020 when Mr. Rudhrah Gourav, a successful Indian entrepreneur from Rupnagar, Punjab decided to experiment with his ideas and founded a new news media company and started

Born on 28 February 1995, Gourav is an all-rounder or you can call him the Jack of all trades. You would be surprised as well as shocked to know that this young lad who is in his early 20s is a popular digital marketing expert, web developer, travel blogger, celebrity manager, and social media influencer.

All he aims to do in his life is “Give his 100% at whatever project he takes and keep moving forward”. Failure doesn’t stop Gourav who has learned from his past mistakes and experiences in the digital media industry. Now with his new venture, Gourav aims to transform the way news media works. The new news media website provides good quality information on what is happening in the Entertainment, Technology, World, India on a regular basis to keep the users informed in a simpler and easier manner.

Easy news, no bakwaas – seems to be the website’s basic mantra. Gourav hopes to lead the website with his team in the best positive way possible to ensure that readers get the information only that is most important for the day/week/month.

Here is a beautiful wish from to its readers and followers on the auspicious occasion of Diwali 2020.Despite that every evening the sun sets, the morning sees a new sun with its bright light welcoming a new day in our lives.

Despite the darkness that comes in our lives and the challenges that make us feel low and shattered at times, there is always a Light of Hope coming from some of the other sources. Diwali is not merely a Festival of Lights but a ray of hope in the lives of all those who are struggling due to some of the other reasons in their lives.

Let this Diwali bring lots of happiness, health, and wealth to all our readers all over the world to help them forget the past and start a new chapter or journey in their lives.

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