PUBG Mobile India launched with interesting features

Just some days back, renowned technology companies PUBG Corporation and KRAFTON have collaborated with Microsoft to utilize its Azure platform. The move is to host a portfolio of various products with multi-platforms. This came as positive news for various mobile gamers in India. It gave a sign that PUBG Mobile may get a chance to come back to the country.

Now a recent announcement by PUBG Corporation and KRAFTON said that PUBG MOBILE INDIA will be launched. The new title of the game is said to be created particularly for the Indian users. The company plans to ensure that the users get a secure and healthy environment while they enjoy the game. Thus, the company plans to invest ideas to create a local video game, esports, entertainment, and IT industries. It is also making sure that the privacy and security of users are given utmost importance this time.

Hence, PUBG Corporation aims to hold regular audits and verifications on the storage system so that Indian users’ data and information is safe. Even the in-game content will be made better and customized to have local needs fulfilled for Indian gamers. It means the game will include set in an online training ground and have new characters with a green hit effect to show the online nature of the game.
The company will also have an interesting feature that will add limitations to using the game time to encourage healthy habits for playing the game for younger players. The company also has ideas to make an Indian subsidiary to improve communications and services with players.
It will create jobs for over 100 employees in the Indian company who will take care of business, esports, and game development.

The company will also actively partner and utilize local businesses to improve its gaming service.

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