Punjabi singers are setting global benchmarks! Singing sensation Arman Brar is Canada’s KPTAAN!

Arman Brar is Canada’s KPTAAN!
Arman Brar is Canada’s KPTAAN!

Singers from Punjab have made it to the top in terms of popularity and exemplary singing all over the world. A budding singer who has already created a storm of success in Canada is Arman Brar.   He wears several hats. Arman Brar is a successful lyricist, singer, composer, and rapper. Born in Bhatinda, Punjab on the 20th of September, 1997, Arman is very passionate about music. As a youngster, he was drawn towards music and it was obvious that he was interested in composing music. His love for singing manifested itself at a very young age when he started singing. He had gained a lot of confidence and experience by the time he reached Canada from Punjab. This saw him take up music as a career. In 2018 he released his first track – Shikaar Khed De.

Arman Brar is Canada’s KPTAAN!
    Arman Brar is Canada’s KPTAAN!

His second song was released after 2 years. It was titled Guns and Guts. Songs like Tees Maar Khan, Kirpana, Kikli, Husan, and many others became huge successes. Arman Brar had made a distinct mark for himself in the music world in Canada. For a boy from India to have achieved this success was no mean feat.

Apart from the love of music, Arman Brar is extremely fond of animals. Arman has shown other budding singers from India, especially from Punjab that confidence is very important. Having come from humble backgrounds, and suddenly coming to a country overseas like Canada, is sure to unnerve many people. For making it in the music industry overseas, an individual needs to be multi-skilled and talented.  Arman is not only a singer but a complete package. He sings and also composes. He is a rapper and appeals to the young generation. He has proved that nationality and country are no bar if you want to make it big as a singer overseas!

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