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Purbanchal University
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Purbanchal University is a public university located in Dhankuta, the capital of the Purbanchal region in the eastern part of Nepal. Established in 2014, it was started as an affiliate of Tribhuvan University. The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs in arts, sciences, and humanities.

Purbanchal University has been established with the aim to provide quality education to students of the Purbanchal region.

Location and Facilities of Purbanchal University:

Purbanchal University is located in Biratnagar, the second-largest city in Nepal. The university has a number of excellent facilities that students can use, including a library, computer labs, and sporting facilities. The library has a wide range of books, journals, and other resources for students to use, and the computer labs are well-equipped with the latest software and hardware. The sporting facilities include a gym, football pitch, basketball court, and tennis court.

Courses and Programs offered by Purbanchal University:

The Faculty of Management and Humanities at Purbanchal University offers a range of undergraduate courses in management, humanities, and social sciences. The faculty also offers a range of graduate courses in business administration, public administration, and human resource management. In addition, the faculty provides diploma programs in business administration, accounting, and computer applications.

Scholarships in Purbanchal University:

Are scholarships available for international students who want to study at Purbanchal University in Nepal? The answer is yes. The process of how to apply for a scholarship is very simple. You need to fill out an application form and then submit it to the financial aid office.

Student Life in Purbanchal University:

Purbanchal University is one of the leading universities in Nepal. It offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses. The university has a beautiful campus with well-maintained gardens and facilities.

The students at this University enjoy rich student life. There are plenty of student clubs and societies to get involved in. The students also have the opportunity to participate in sports and other activities.

The library at  University is well-stocked with books and journals. The students can also access the internet and other resources from the library. There are computer labs on campus for the students to use.

The students at  University can get accommodation on campus or off-campus. There are a number of restaurants and cafes on campus where the students can eat. There are also shops where the students can buy snacks and other items.


In conclusion, Purbanchal University is a great place to pursue your education. The campus is beautiful and the staff is friendly and helpful. The curriculum is rigorous and relevant, and the opportunities for extracurricular involvement are plentiful. I highly recommend this amazing University to anyone interested in pursuing a quality education.

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