Radhika Apte believes lot of more people involved in Me Too movement

There was a time when the Me Too movement was trending like anything. The campaign that started in the US, gained more prominence in India, with many celebrities, actors, actresses, directors, producers, film’s cast and crew members coming out in the open and sharing their ordeal of being harassed during their professional lives.

It is sad to see that the movement that kept India glued to the media reports every day for many months in a row, has died eventually, with no action being taken (strictly or majorly) against the names that were called out in the Me Too movement.

One wouldn’t deny the fact that some filmmakers, producers, and actors were banned from the film industry but there were only very few and the cases were many.

Bollywood actress Radhika Apte says that although the #MeToo movement had attracted many people’s opinions and perceptions on how safer it should be for women in a workplace – be it film industry or corporate or business, she believes that the campaign has a lot of things to be revealed and a long journey ahead.

Radhika says yet there are many powerful people who are hiding their ill-acts that they did to women. Sexual harassment and assault cases are more than they are being reported is what Radhika feels.

In a media interview, Radhika said that she thinks that there are many people about whom many women have not yet raised voice against. People who were temporarily removed from their jobs back then in 2018 have resumed work in 2020.

Whereas, people who had not done anything, were defamed knowingly to spoil their careers in the process. A lot of hype and good actions were definitely taken due to the movement, but still, there is a lot of work to be done for ensuring that women are empowered and safer in their workplace.

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