Rahul Ahuja blends his love for travel, food and social work to create a wonderful recipe

Rahul Ahuja

Delhi-based food and travel enthusiast Rahul Ahuja is a successful blogger with a unique difference. This entrepreneur combines his love for food and travel and his professional side with a totally passionate social service side of his character. Both these sides of his go hand in hand. He has displayed great professional acumen and his business account which goes by the name ‘Eats India” has gained immense popularity. Apart from being known as a successful food blogger, he is also known as a passionate social worker who puts social service much higher than his personal and professional gains. He serves the needy selflessly.


While he was in college he recognized his fondness for different types of cuisine and was keen to shape it into a profession and career for himself. He was already skilled at photography and he used that skill to capture fascinating foods and travel moments through his camera lens.

His Instagram page “Eats India” captures food in all its glory and temptation. Wonderfully reproduced pictures tickle the taste buds and leave one yearning for travel and experience. 

Rahul Ahuja
                         Rahul Ahuja

Born on 28th October 1990, Rahul Ahuja ventured into the competitive food and travel blogging industry with a mind well geared to take any setbacks and failures. He had his fair share of disappointments in the early days and took it all in his stride, He overcame difficulties and failures and pursued the path of success not allowing himself to be dejected. Soon enough, the fruits of his hard work were on display for the world to see and recognize him.

Rahul Ahuja has displayed his visionary aspect by connecting with like-minded food companies and travel and food bloggers to form communities. These communities indulge in humanitarian work and help the needy.

One of the topmost names in the food and travel blogging industry Rahul Ahuja ensures that he provides food that pleases his eye and food that satisfies his soul through his hard work and passion!

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