Real Estate Expert & Entrepreneur Todd Franzen relies on marketing and TV Commercials to build brands

Todd Franzen
Todd Franzen

Todd Franzen has carved a niche for himself, by focusing on business growth of his brand. By the age of 25, Todd Franzen had built McDonalds, Wendy’s and Dairy Queen. By the time he was 28 he had built a construction company that was over 5.5M.  Todd Franzen mentions that he created history by being the first millionaire in his family. With a track record of having sold over 700 houses across the nation in his real estate business, having done 11M in sales in the year 2019, and business that saw the establishment of a real estate franchise division, Todd Franzen has done well for himself professionally.

Todd Franzen
                                                                                                      Todd Franzen

Despite his phenomenal success Todd Franzen is seen as a fair and generous person, willing to go out of his way to help others.  Todd strongly believes that to be a success in any industry one has to be unique. He has created a program titled “the wealth wheel” and he purchases only properties that fit in well with his business model. In business he is reckoned as a man with ethical practices since he lays great emphasis on commitments. His business bureau rating stands at an A+.

Todd works hard on creating successful practices, which he believes are extremely crucial for success. He emphasises the need to couple one’s dreams with a sense of purpose. One must always keep the goal in sight and work with a plan towards achieving it, is his strong conviction.

A strong word of advice that Todd has for potential start up owners is not to pay any heed to negative people. He advocates working with a plan, a sense of purpose and the will power to achieve professional success!

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