Reputed transformational trauma coach Bethany Perry believes in healing and helping people lead a whole life

Bethany Perry
Bethany Perry

Bethany Perry believes that tiding over personal adversities is possible if one views it through the lens of compassion.  Bethany Perry a top transformational trauma coach, focuses on the art of balancing the strong and basic aspects of health that people normally ignore. Giving her clients an insight into her four pillars of a “Whole Life Healed “Bethany wants them to discover their freedom and heal from the past that disturbs them. High level professionals consult her.  People who suffer form anxiety or inadequacy or even those who are highly successful in their careers might want to consult her. 

Bethany Perry, has received good client testimonials. One of her clients mentions how even an hour falls short of describing Bethany’s contribution to his life and business. She is complimented for her ability to connect with her clients and explore the factors causing anxiety and trauma. She builds an aura of complete trust and bonding with her clients. This goes a long way in healing their trauma and even eliminating it from the roots.

Bethany Perry
                                                                         Bethany Perry

Bethany is convinced that anybody can be healed well enough to lead a whole life.   

The four pillars that help people achieve a whole life are physical health, emotional wellbeing, brain health and recognising their internal spirit. She advocates a unique heart-brain approach. Through her compassionate approach she helps people realize where they belong in the world and what their role is.

Bethany’s prestigious clientele includes C-Suite Execs, the elite from the world of sport, CEO’s and individuals who are high profile. She is looked upon as a confidential expert, who is trusted by many.

With each session, the client reveals their innermost fears. This helps them overcome their difficulties and fears and start living a better and transformed life. Bethany’s certification programmes offer the power of healing and help individuals lead a whole life.

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