Ritam Gupta triumphed many rejections to emerge as a successful entrepreneur

Ritam Gupta
Ritam Gupta

Ritam Gupta has worked towards his goals with a single-minded focus and triumphed many odds and challenges. Ritam Gupta has founded two companies and is the CEO and Founder of Nonceblox and DeFi11. Ritam was very clear about his inclination to work for himself rather than get into a 9 to 5 job.

Born and brought up in New Delhi, Ritam Gupta completed his Information Technology from Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology. Today Ritam is a well-known businessman in Dubai, acknowledged for his exceptional skills in software development, team leadership and management, technology consulting, strategy and operations, delivery management and enterprise architecture.

Ritam Gupta has been leading the blockchain business for seven years. Prior to this he was working with Cybersecurity infotech, CareerBuilder Group, Airtel payments bank, Deloitte Ireland etc. He gathered a lot of experience, after which he launched his on company. 

Ritam Gupta
                                                                                                               Ritam Gupta

His journey has not been smooth and he has faced many hardships, rejections and challenges. Instead of being dejected and low and unhappy he analysed why certain things went wrong. He looked for solutions and worked towards his goals with more vigour and enthusiasm till he ultimately achieved success. Ritam had no prior knowledge of blockchain. He was just armed with a strong drive to learn it, which he did. Ritam is recognised as a technology enthusiast and a person with excellent problem-solving skills. DeFi11 was established solely by him and employs 100 workers currently. This is a defi powered gaming ecosystem. It corrects all the existing gaming ecosystem frauds and problems. Ritam is an example of how curiosity and determination can take anybody to great heights. If there is a will and desire to succeed even if you do not have the expertise in a field, you can create it and rise to success. Ritam is a huge source of inspiration for many young entrepreneurs.

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