Ronaldo is scheduled to play in his 200th international game for Portugal.

Ronaldo is scheduled to play in his 200th international game for Portugal.

Ronaldo is scheduled to play in his 200th international game for Portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo, the great striker for Portugal, is very close to reaching a spectacular milestone as he gets ready to make his 200th appearance for his country in international competition. He is on the verge of creating history. 

The football legend, who is currently 38 years old and plays for the Saudi Arabian team Al-Nassr, will achieve this historic feat. It will take place during Portugal’s Euro 2024 qualification match against Iceland. Ronaldo has stated that he has no plans to willingly go away from international football and has stated that he intends to set a new record in this category. 

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Ronaldo has scored four goals in three games since new coach Roberto Martinez took over, which shows that he has been in excellent form recently. On the other hand, in Portugal’s most recent win over Bosnia and Herzegovina, he was unable to score any goals for his team. Despite this, the player who holds the record for most goals scored at international competitions with 122 is still highly eager to maintain his stellar performance for his national team.

The undying commitment and undying love that Ronaldo has shown for both his team and his country are reflected in the fact that he is looking forward to attaining this momentous milestone. During a news conference in Reykjavik, he voiced his feelings by saying, “I will never give up getting here (to the Portugal team) since it’s always a dream. Reaching 200 matches for my country on the international stage is not for anyone else; rather, it demonstrates the affection I have for our team.

The Portugal national football team has already been dominant in their qualification campaign for the Euro 2024 tournament. They have won three matches in a row, amassing an astounding goal tally of 13, and have not allowed any goals to be scored against them. The presence of Ronaldo as well as his contributions have been extremely important to their achievement.

Coach Roberto Martinez appreciated the significance of Ronaldo’s accomplishment and emphasized that a player achieving 200 international games is a special and proud occasion for Portuguese football. Ronaldo is the first player in Portuguese football history to play in 200 international games. Ronaldo and the rest of the team will be in a festive mood when they take on Iceland in their next match.

As Ronaldo’s extraordinary journey draws closer and closer to reaching this remarkable milestone, he looks back on his achievements with a sense of appreciation and humility. He never dreamed that he would reach such heights, and it is one of the reasons why he is so driven to keep shattering records and performing at the top level.

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