Rubee B Stone ranks among the top US female rappers

Rubee B Stone
Rubee B Stone

Rubee B Stone born in Brooklyn brought up in Bronx, USA has released popular songs like Dubai, Wat it do, Get glad. Rubee B Stone has acquired immense popularity in a short span of time. She is loved by audience worldwide. Her wide fan base covers UK, India, Russia and other countries too. 

Rubee B Stone
                                                                                                 Rubee B Stone

Rubee B Stone attributes her success to her passion and perseverance. The American rap industry is growing at a rapid pace. Artists like Rubee B Stone have contributed their bit to its advancement and growth. America has been home to many singers, rappers, song writers and music artists, and Rubee B Stone has shown how passion and determination can take her right to the top. The American Music Industry is one of the most competitive and evolving. Rubee was aware that she would have to struggle a lot and give her best and she took on the challenge boldly. Rubee was armed with self-belief and her conviction to succeed. Rubee created a unique identity of her own. Her latest track titled: ON TIMING” was released on July the 30th 2021. This became instantly popular with her fans and her melodious voice was much appreciated. Rubee has a competitive yet humble approach to all that she chooses to do. She knows that success doesn’t come to those who don’t work for it. She believes in putting in her best and working very hard to achieve success. Rubee is a versatile artist, she puts her heart and soul into her songs. This is what shines through in all her songs. Her love for music, her gift of a melodious voice, her determination to work towards the goals that she had crafted for herself, all combine to place her as one of the top female rap artists in the USA.  

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