Saudi Arabia and Russia urge all OPEC+ nations to participate in oil reduction.

Saudi Arabia and Russia urge all OPEC+ nations to participate in oil reduction.

During a ceremony, the highly anticipated fourth-generation Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) was unveiled at the Indus Motor Company (IMC) manufacturing facility in Karachi. Saudi Arabia and Russia urge all OPEC+ nations to participate in oil reduction.

Yoshiyuki Takai, President Emerging-market Compact Car Company (ECC) Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and Executive Vice President (EVP), Engineering Group, Toyota Daihatsu Engineering & Manufacturing CO., Ltd. (TDEM); Yoshihisa Miyabe, General Manager (GM), Motomachi Plant, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC); and Tetsuya Ezumi, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Toyota Tsusho Corpora; are among the highest-ranking executives at Toyota. Gilani serves as federal secretary of the Ministry of Industries & Production.

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IMC Chairman Mohamedali R. Habib remarked, “This realization of the “Make in Pakistan” dream, an ode to localization, is remarkable.” This significant event undoubtedly signifies the profound amicability that exists between Pakistan and Japan.”

Yoshiyuki Takai stated, “As of late, an increasing number of Asian consumers have opted for HEVs. Numerous HEV purchasers express contentment, as feedback indicates, not solely with the vehicle’s exceptional fuel economy but its sophisticated driving experience. Like other markets, we earnestly desire that customers in Pakistan will adore the all-electric Corolla Cross HEV for its aesthetic appeal, fuel efficiency, and exhilarating qualities. Significantly, increased HEV usage in Pakistan will result in a more substantial reduction in the country’s carbon footprint.

According to Asad Rehman Gilani, the Government is dedicated to assisting the automotive industry’s efforts to implement hybrid and electric technologies in Pakistan under the Auto Policy 2021-26. As we commence this endeavor to have domestically produced Hybrid Electric Vehicles on the road, the nation must accelerate exports to reduce the trade deficit. I cannot think of a more suitable collaborator than our enduring partner, Toyota, to assist us in achieving this objective.

“Using robust testing, cutting-edge engineering, and KAIZEN, we guarantee that each Toyota vehicle maintains its esteemed standing in dependability, longevity, and security,” stated Yoshihisa Miyabe.

Ali Asghar Jamali, the Chief Executive Officer of IMC, stated: “To produce the first Make in Pakistan HEV for local production of the fourth generation Corolla Cross, which features the highest-ever localized content attained in the SUV category, IMC has invested over $100 million. The Corolla Cross HEV prioritizes fuel economy and efficiency over a comfortable and thrilling journey while maintaining a seamless, high-quality ride.

We are delighted to unveil the inaugural Make in Pakistan Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) model, which signifies Toyota’s resolute dedication to carbon neutrality and advancing Pakistan’s “ever-better cars” philosophy. The recently introduced automobile features an 1800 cc engine available in hybrid and combustion drive train configurations, with low and high-grade variants for each.

Establishing its complete value chain with over 50 Part Manufacturers producing over PKR 250 million worth of parts daily, 55 independently owned authorized dealerships providing after-sales service to customers, and employing over 450,000 people directly and indirectly throughout Pakistan, the company has significantly contributed to the establishment of the domestic automobile industry in the country.

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