Sendible Vs. Sprout Social: Which One is Better for Social Media

Sendible Vs. Sprout Social: Which One is Better for Social Media

Sendible Vs. Sprout Social: Which One is Better for Social Media: Social media has become more critical in today’s day and age. Therefore every business and creator that has something to offer to the audience is on social media. Whether you are a large-scale brand, business, or an artist or content creator, you would want to engage audiences on a large scale to get a broad reach and spread the word about your product or content. There is no restriction on the type of content until and unless it entertains or engages the audience. With that said, not everyone can gain the kind of popularity or engagement or make their business as successful as they would have thought.

However, with social media marketing gaining momentum, having a solid social media presence is very important. While large-scale businesses have professional experts to create and market their content, a solid social media presence and marketing may be an uphill task for upcoming and small brands or creators. However, these upcoming or small brands or creators do not have to worry about it any longer. Sprout Social and Sendible are two such platforms that can help them with a strong presence, increase engagement on social media and launch effective social media marketing. This post will compare Sprout Social and Sensible to help you make the right choice between them.

What do Sendible and Sprout Social offer?

Sendible is an excellent social media management platform to manage social media profiles. The platform is suitable for agencies, individuals, and brands. The platform allows users to bring all of their social network profiles together in one place. The platform enables users to execute an effective social media strategy on multiple platforms. The platform is designed to save the time and energy of users in creating and implementing marketing strategies and focus on creating quality content. With quality social media engagement, social media automation, monitoring, and reporting, Sendible offers you all the tools you will ever need every step of the way.

Sprout Social is another popular and robust social media management platform. The platform makes collaboration very easy and convenient. The platform makes content publishing across multiple social platforms and networks a cakewalk. The platform offers detailed and systematic analytics for users to track the progress of their marketing strategies. Sprout Social provides the user with the integration of key platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, Twitter, etc. This social media management tool can help businesses and individuals grow their social media presence, reach a broad audience base and engage with them through an all-in-one social media management platform.

Audience interaction:

Sprout Social comes with a Smart Inbox feature that displays all of the user’s messages across all their social media handles on the same screen. Users can filter these messages across various social media platforms. This feature makes switching between platforms redundant. In addition, actions like liking, replying, and retweeting can be performed from a single screen.

Sendible too offers a similar feature known as a Priority Inbox. It allows users to view all messages across social media platforms on a single screen. However, here users can view messages from only Twitter or Instagram yet. In addition, both platforms offer various other features to increase engagement on social media.

Content creation and scheduling:

Sprout Social offer users various options designed to offer smooth publishing of their posts, right from instant publishing to saving drafts to queuing post or manual scheduling. While Sprout allows users to manually select a time for publishing their posts, the ViralPost feature collects data regarding audience engagement. It offers users the best time slots to post their content and increase engagement on social media.

With Sendible, users can schedule the time for publishing their content across various social media platforms. You also have the choice to repeat a post and set the frequency for that. In addition, Sendible’s Smart Posts feature allows users to create posts and edit them based on a single platform.


Both platforms offer users a 30-day free trial period to try the platform, explore its features, and familiarise themselves with the platform before opting for any paid plan. Social Sprout’s paid plans begin at $99 per month and offer users three plans: Premium, Corporate, and Enterprise. In addition, users have the option to buy five more social profiles at $25 per month.

Sendible, on the other hand, provides users with four paid plans based on users’ requirements and business size. These plans start at $24 per month. These plans are Micro, Small, Medium, and Large. The prices of the plans depend on the number of services that a user avails. User can purchase additional services and tools, and they don’t have to upgrade their current plan. However, both platforms offer great features to increase engagement on social media.

Performance Analysis:

Social Sprout offers various insights into a user’s social media performance. The platform’s Reporting Suite allows users to watch various insights on the performance of their social media account marketing strategies. The engagement report by the platform measures audience engagement and creates graphs for better understanding. In addition, Social Sprout offers the ability to the user to create custom reports with the Report Builder feature.

Along similar lines, the Sendible tool provides users with the ability to watch their performance reports and create custom reports using the drag-and-drop data feature. The drag-and-drop the required parts of reports created by Sendible to customize their reports.

We hope that this post will offer you some insights into the platforms before you make your choice.

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