Simone Ferretti highlights why Creativity and unconventional thinking in social media are important today

Simone Ferretti
Simone Ferretti

The modern social media landscape is becoming cluttered with too many players. The key to being noticed and building a success story is how creative a company or an individual is. Social media consultant Simone Ferretti says that being unique and different is the need of the hour today. He stresses the importance of constant learning and upgrading of skills as a key differentiator in modern times.

Simone Ferretti says that when an individual decides to do something and then follows it up with action is when the journey begins. Simone Ferretti today is a name that inspires young talent in social media. His success story is what most want to emulate. Simone Ferretti insists on building good habits during the course of one’s professional journey. One such habit would be to indulge in some pro bono work. This he feels will attract clients in an over-saturated market with almost everybody offering the same services. This will prove very beneficial in attracting customers. Once the clients come in there is a great room to showcase the talent of your company and the skills that you have. This will ultimately win over the clients and one can create a loyal customer base.

Simone Ferretti
                                       Simone Ferretti


Another very important aspect according to Simone is the constant up-gradation of knowledge. The social media landscape is evolving and developing constantly, hence the new trends and developments have to be followed and incorporated into your work style and the solutions offered to clients have to be in line with those. Interestingly enough, before his success as a social media consultant, Simone won a great fan following as a model.  He has also tried his hand at photography/videography. He has been a huge success on Instagram and Tik Tok with a huge fan following and has been a source of great inspiration for a worldwide audience.

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