Social media star Miguel Maya has over 5 million followers and billions of weekly page impressions

Miguel Maya
Miguel Maya

Miguel Maya, the creator of Viral Instagram pages has a combined Instagram fan following of over 5 million. Miguel Maya’s pages register billions of weekly impressions. 

Miguel Maya
                                         Miguel Maya

It is an acknowledged fact that brands are using the power of the internet to promote their brands. Social media has unleashed a world of opportunities which individuals and companies are trying to encash on. The companies and individuals attempt to create audiences that can connect with their brands. Social media has helped brands leverage the audience interaction and engagement for their promotion. Miguel Maya as an entrepreneur and Viral Content Creator uses his unique style of digital marketing and branding for his benefit. Miguel Maya helps create impactful and lasting visibility and digital branding for his clients. This is a very competitive arena and Miguel has to use his unique skills to deliver effective results. He has observed that many companies and individuals do not have the basic understanding or knowledge of how to market and brand themselves. This is where he steps in and assists them. Miguel Maya works behind the scenes to deliver highly impactful results for his clients. His social media pages record billions of impressions week after week.

While in middle school, in December 2012, Miguel Maya created his Instagram page. While the other children had the routine tasks and problems of teenage life to attend to Miguel was keen on establishing a name for himself in business. He amassed a huge fan following and created a source of income and livelihood form his social media. Miguel is today acknowledged as a leading brand builder and has helped brands grow nationally and internationally. He appreciates the power of social media and strongly advocates its usage in promotions whether that of individuals or of corporations.

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