Some Bangladeshi media outlets echoing West’s anti-Russia marketing campaign: Russian ambassador

Some Bangladeshi media outlets echoing West’s anti-Russia marketing campaign: Russian ambassador

Russian Ambassador to Bangladesh Alexander V Mantytskiy has slammed a segment of Bangladeshi media for what he referred to as “biased technique” of their insu

He defined it as “planned efforts” to harm Dhaka-Moscow members of the family.

“I recollect the biased approach of positive Bangladeshi media toward the scenario in Ukraine and Russia’s moves there an end result of planned efforts via those forces that have usually sought to undermine mutually useful cooperation between the Russian Federation and the humans’ Republic of Bangladesh, which began 50 years in the past,” he said in an open letter to editors of print and electronic media, heads of radio and television channels in Bangladesh these days. A few Bangladeshi media outlets echoing West’s anti-Russia marketing campaign: Russian ambassador.

The ambassador mentioned 1971 while Bangladeshis overthrew — with the lively help from India and the then USA — the rule of non-Bengali oppressors.

He said the Russian-speak human beings of Donbas in East Ukraine have been suffering to reap the same rights for 8 years at the same time as stricken by “genocide unleashed by way of the Kyiv regime”. Read more Russian oil and gas sector targeted by US, UK and EU

The time is ripe for Russia to return to the rescue yet again, for the same motive, to ensure the proper to speak the mother tongue and to quit language-based discrimination, said the Russian envoy.

“I’m hoping that through my open letter, your readers may be able to get acquainted with an opportunity factor of view at the tendencies around Ukraine,” said the ambassador.

Towards the backdrop of “anti-Russia marketing campaign and blatant Russo-phobic hysteria” from western mainstream media, the ambassador stated certain Bangladeshi newspapers and broadcasters “broadly echoed and spread” the ones.

He said his letter to editors is an attempt to provide an explanation for to the Bangladeshi readers all over again the dreams and obligations in the back of the “unique army operation” of Russia in Ukraine.

In step with the Russian ambassador, the dreams are: to guard Russian-speaking civilians in Ukraine subjected to “genocide through the Kyiv regime” for 8 years; to remove “neo-fascism”; to prevent the improvement of nuclear guns in Ukraine, and to prevent the deployment of NATO navy bases in Ukraine.

Tasks, in step with him, are: To demilitarize and to lose Ukraine from Nazi ideology; to position an stop to neo-fascism that has raised its head in Ukraine after being defeated in the exquisite Patriotic warfare; to dispose of military threats at the border of the Russian Federation; to disarm aggressive entities of Ukraine, posing danger to nonviolent coexistence; and to become aware of and punish people who have dedicated crimes in opposition to the civilian populace of Ukraine and residents of the Russian Federation by prison techniques in the courts of the Russian Federation.

“We do no longer plan to occupy Ukrainian territory. We aren’t in conflict with the Ukrainian people. We do now not intend to impose something on all people by means of pressure. We have explained many times that the state of affairs in Ukraine has advanced in one of this manner that it has come to pose an immediate chance to Russia’s protection,” said Ambassador Mantytskiy.

trance of the scenario in Ukraine and Russia’s moves there.

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