Some common vegetables that have harmful effects when eaten raw or in excess.

It is often said that one must have a good and balanced fruit and vegetable diet. Vegetables and fruits are said to have numerous health benefits. These seemingly good vegetables if eaten in excess can prove to be counterproductive. What are these vegetables and how can they harm us? Read on to know…….

During the Coronavirus, people have started taking a lot of care in building up immunity by including vegetables and fruits in their diet. What if you came to know that the very vegetables you were including in your diet could have harmful side effects. Lets’s list out a few below –

Carrots – 

These are an excellent source of nutrients. However, if you have these in excess then beta carotene enters our bodies. This gets deposited on the skin and does not flow in the blood. The colour of our skin changes to yellow or orange and is prominently seen on the soles of our feet and our hands.

Some common vegetables that have harmful effects when eaten raw or in excess.
Some common vegetables have harmful effects when eaten raw or in excess.

Cauliflower –

Eating this raw, like broccoli and cabbage in salads, and in excess can cause indigestion and gas. They also contain a type of sugar which does not dissolve if not cooked. It is therefore harmful to eat uncooked. Cauliflower must always be cooked and eaten.

Brinjal – Raw and uncooked brinjal cause dizziness, diarrhoea, vomiting or cramps. It can cause gastrointestinal problems and even neurological ones, hence must always be eaten cooked.

Mushrooms- Are the best source of Vitamin D. There are different types of mushrooms and if eaten in excess cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and other gastro intestinal issues.

 Beetroot – Is said to be very helpful in increasing haemoglobin levels and also helps in reducing weight. If taken in excess can cause kidney stones and prevent the absorption of calcium.


Take care of which vegetable you eat and eat them in moderation, excess of even good vegetables can have harmful side effects!

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