Steve Sharpe- one of the most connected Londoners talks about successful networking

Steve Sharpe
Steve Sharpe

In today’s day and age, connections and networking are very important. However, more important than good connections is the knowledge and wisdom of how to use those contacts. Steve Sharpe is an entrepreneur born in London and a Football agent. He was recently seen in the ITVI Million pawn documentary series.

Steve Sharpe is connected right form Royalty to Billionaires to US Hip Hop stars to footballers form the Premier League to the designers and models of London Fashion week. His connections span several fields, professions, and various individuals. Steve Sharpe is undoubtedly one of the most well-connected individuals in London. 

The secret to successful networking is not who you know and just adding to a name list. It is how you deal with those you know. Steve Sharpe knows how to make his connections work. He connects the people based on their motivation, their passion, their business ventures, their lifestyles, etc so that each connection translates into a purpose and mission.

Steve Sharpe
                        Steve Sharpe

Steve’s Instagram account has posts from parties with his celebrity friends, etc. Steve strongly believes that business need not be in a boring board room. He prefers informal settings and later can move to the more formal settings. His 16.3 k followers on Instagram are treated to his posts featuring the who’s who. Through his company, the 3 kingdoms group he offers various services that are built on honesty and integrity. His professional sports company based in Surrey London offers Player Representation – which covers, brand image rights &contracts, performance analytics. The Tax & Wealth service includes international tax planning, career insurances, and wealth and investment management. The Education service includes financial and business education, second career planning, and personal and career mentorship. The Lifestyle service brings a world-class network, VIP Events, and even religious support. All the latest updates, All Stars Dream Team X1, and International news can be read under the blog section.

Being connected is just one aspect, but using those connections to transform into a meaningful whole is what the need of the hour is.

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