Swati Bathwal explains how good nutrition can help you get good sleep

Swati Bathwal
Swati Bathwal

Many individuals face sleepless nights and have to battle sleep disorders. Some people feel hungry in the middle of the night and are prone to unhealthy snacking. Swati Bathwal says those who do not get good sleep at night feel less energetic in the morning and cannot perform their daily duties diligently. Nutritionist Swati Bathwal says a good night’s sleep improves your metabolism and general health and wellbeing. The SCN or suprachiasmatic nucleus in the brain also referred to as the central clock guides our internal process. This helps a person stay alert and attentive and able to perform routine tasks with ease and comfort. Sleep According to Swati Bathwal helps in regulating the circadian rhythm of our bodies.

Swati Bathwal
                                                                                                 Swati Bathwal

It dictates and regulates the working of our organs. Sleep regulates our weight, cholesterol, blood sugars, digestion etc and it helps our body detox. One night’s sleeplessness can signal the start of Alzheimer’s disease. Regular meals and sleep are very crucial for a healthy body and healthy mind. Our body understands when it is day and night according to our sleep pattern. Our hunger hormone called gherlin increases if we sleep less and this increases our craving for food at night. This in turn becomes unhealthy for us causing several diseases. Sleeping less also makes people gain belly fat. Our immune system is protected by a good 7 hours of sleep. Our immunity also becomes strong. Lack of sleep increases our chances of acidity, sleep apnoea, obesity and many other diseases of the digestive tract. Those who sleep less can eat up to 600 extra calories per day. This is certainly very unhealthy. Melatonin is the hormone secreted when it is dark and time for our sleep. It is best to switch off electronic gadgets at night. Certain fruits like bananas, fresh orange juice, pineapple juice help in boosting our Melatonin levels.

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