Swatkat and RoRoll’s joint effort is out – Can you feel it!

Swatkat & RoRoll
Swatkat & RoRoll

Music heals everything and it holds, provided the fact that musicians, singers, composers, and DJs are coming up with new tracks in the hard times to please the audiences. Joining the league is one such talented and noted DJ, an Indian DJ/Producer Swatkat. Swatkat is the by-product of EDM music and he breathes the same. India is introduced to this form of music in recent times and indeed Gen X is loving the uptown beats, funk, and punk of the particular genre. Well, Swatkat is coming up with a hardcore deal as the music producer is collaborating with Chinese artist RoRoll who is settled in Los Angeles, USA. RoRoll is one of the finest DJs in the EDM category. 

Swatkat &  RoRoll
                                          Swatkat & RoRoll


The new and fresh house track ‘Can you feel it’ with Swatkat and Ro Roll was out 2 days before on Smash Deep Records/Smash The House. In no time the track is making moves in the music circuit and is applauded by one and all. Smash Deep is basically the new sub-label of ‘Smash the house’. As everyone knows the Smash the house is the record label of popular DJ Duo Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike. Dmitri Vegas and Like Mike have carved their niche in the EDM genre, their tracks are the life of the EDM party and the support from such music composers will surely boost the talents of Swatkat & RoRoll. Not to forget, the track got supported by “Tomorrowland” which is the number one music festival in the world.


Swatkat & RoRoll individually took to their Instagram to announce the new firebrand track. Both of them seems superbly excited and the number itself sounds upbeat and attention-grabbing. This collaboration is merely the start of the duo, they are excited and happy to work together. The success of “Can you       feel it” has boosted their confidence owing to which they have hinted towards creating more tracks on Revealed Recordings in this year.

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