Tech Entrepreneur Michael Saylor introduces us to the evolution of the digital economy

Tech Entrepreneur Michael Saylor
Tech Entrepreneur Michael Saylor

A well-known face that is prominently seen on international channels like Bloomberg, CNN, etc is that of the CEO of MicroStrategy- Michael Saylor. He is well versed in global philanthropy and gives the viewers insights into the digital economy that is evolving fast. He hands out free education on the subject to all those who are interested. The Saylor Academy, which imparts online education, has been born out of Michael’s passion. The interested individuals can pick up excellent and useful skills at no cost. This is available for a global audience. The Saylor Academy funded by Michael has been operational for the past decade. The courses offered here are completely free of cost. Michael is of the opinion that education should not be charged for. Jeff Davidson, who is the Executive Director of the Saylor Academy voices the views of Michael. He says that Michael is of the firm belief that if educated people are needed to solve the problems of the world, then barriers like high costs of education and learning must be totally dismissed. It should be available to all those who are interested in pursuing it.

Tech Entrepreneur Michael Saylor
                                                                                                        Tech Entrepreneur Michael Saylor

These courses offer free learning and the rare opportunity of acquiring a certificate.  Although no investment is required for these courses in terms of money, there is a huge investment of time required for those who are interested. Many successful students of Saylor Academy like Nsengimana Jean De Dieu of Rwandasay vouch for the certification of Saylor Academy and how it helped him get a job. Michael Sestak from the USA was also all praises for the courses at Saylor Academy. The Saylor Academy ranks high for learners from India and is also the knowledge partner of skills in India. The global reach of the academy for learning extends to about 230 + countries and territories

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