The Best P2E Games to Earn

The Best P2E Games to Earn

The Best P2E Games to Earn: Today’s gaming industry is growing faster than ever and is valued at hundreds of billions of dollars. This boom is due to the influx of new players due to the pandemic and the increased demand for practical and simple online games, especially on mobile platforms. However, most traditional games require an investment from the player, being either partially/fully paid or having additional paid content.

The Pay-to-Earn (P2E) model differs in that it gives players the opportunity to earn. For this, blockchain and NFT technologies are used in game development. Learn more about the P2E model from this article and find a list of the best games to earn money.

General Characteristics of the P2E Model

Here are the key differences between Pay-to-Earn games and traditional games:

  • The ability to buy and sell items in the form of NFTs in any blockchain markets, and not just within the game for which they are intended. This gives a sense of complete control;
  • Huge potential for creativity and earnings. NFTs can be created by players themselves and then sold at a fair market price to other participants;
  • Transparent ecosystems. The user’s account is connected with his crypto wallet connected to the game. Transactions are transferred directly from the wallet or to the wallet without intermediaries in a matter of minutes. Thus, having exchanged USD for NGM or any other cryptocurrency, you can use the coins for payments within the platform without problems.

So, two key features of P2E become obvious: the integration of cryptocurrencies and the use of NFT. You can earn money in the gaming markets and receive rewards for active gaming activities. The industry has huge potential. Now it is at the stage of its development.

Top 5 P2E Games You Should Pay Attention To

The best P2E games today are Axie Infinity, Decentraland, Mines of Dalarnia, Cryptoblades, Alien Worlds, etc. Find a brief description of each in the following sections and enjoy the gameplay. If you need to swap USDC to FTM for the game, you can do it on the best online cryptocurrency platform, where all transactions are protected.

Axie Infinity

This is a collectible NFT game on Ethereum in which users create and train Axies virtual creatures. Each Axie is a unique, non-fungible NFT token. Players can earn money by selling pets. It is also possible to profit from SLP and AXS project tokens received for each victory.


This is a virtual world running on the Ethereum platform. Players explore the metaverse of the project and fill it with content. It is possible to create various artifacts and interactive objects. Items and land in this virtual world are NFTs. They are traded on the internal marketplace. The platform uses MANA and LAND coins. Read More How to Make Smart NFT Investments

Mines of Dalarnia

Mines Of Dalarnia is another exciting P2E game. Its main essence is to extract resources and upgrade equipment. Players are immersed in a world full of colorful stones that they must mine. The basic task is to get a certain number of points and a chest with resources for subsequent sale on the market.


This game is where players can create weapons and NFT characters and fight monsters for a reward of SKILL tokens. Moreover, participants can buy and sell weapons and characters through the open market.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a DeFi metaverse built on the WAX blockchain. Players can mine the TLM in-game currency and trade various NFTs. Players can also complete quests, fight each other, or participate in game management.

Enjoy the exciting P2E games described above and get benefits!

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