The COVID-19 pandemic signaled financial losses for many but made Janai Wray a millionaire!

Janai Wray
Janai Wray

The COVID-19 Pandemic has created a lot of havoc, apart from the fatalities and medical issues, it has also created a massive loss of livelihoods. People have had to cope with poverty and financial losses, but some like Janai Wray got really lucky during this adversity. Young Janai Wray was already established as an attorney at 23. Last year when the world was gripped by the deadly pandemic, Janai Wray launched a new business venture – a clothing line. This saw phenomenal success, as in less than 8 months the sales revenue earned was 200,000 dollars. The high point of her success was a billboard in Times Square.

Janai Wray
                                  Janai Wray

Janai Wray has been among the few privileged ones to taste early success. Even her education saw early completion and success, she was 16 when she went to college, 21 when she went to law school and only 23 when she became an attorney. During her early days, Janai Wray was financially very weak. Joining law school was financially challenging for her. This led her to start distressed denim as a side hustle. She sold that from her room in the dormitory. She was always attracted to clothing and her dream was to set up a clothing line. It was the pandemic that finally gave her the opportunity to do so. In her free time, Janai Wray studied e-commerce, denim, and fashion. In 2020 she launched Broken Land Co. her clothing line. This line sells jackets, bottoms, denim tops, and accessories. It offers couture-quality attire. High-quality bodysuits and excellent designs are also featured.

At the age of 26, Janai Wray is a self-made millionaire. Her objective in life is to give happiness to people. Through her profession as a lawyer, she has helped her clients to collect over 12 million dollars in settlements and made them happy. She has also provided happiness to her clients through the clothes that her clothing line provides, 

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