The cowboys are looking to hire Jeff Nixon as their new offensive coordinator.

The cowboys are looking to hire Jeff Nixon as their new offensive coordinator.

The cowboys are looking to hire Jeff Nixon as their new offensive coordinator. In 2023, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy will direct the offense, but the team will have a new offensive coordinator when Kellen Moore is let go.

According to Joseph Person of, Jeff Nixon, the current coach of the Panthers’ running backs and assistant head coach, will be interviewed for the position.

Nixon spent the previous three seasons with the Carolina Panthers, despite not being listed as a member of Frank Reich’s staff. After the dismissal of Joe Brady in 2021, he served as temporary offensive coordinator, and then, before the 2022 season, he was promoted to associate head coach.

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Brian Schottenheimer, who oversaw the offenses for the Jets, Rams, and Seahawks until becoming an analyst for the Cowboys in 2022, is another name that has been bandied about as a potential coordinator for Dallas.


He is a competent RB coach, given that he possessed C.J. McKissic, but his team’s running game collapsed after C.J. was traded. This kook shouldn’t be hired.

According to this sbc2556.

McCarthy is about as in control of his position as a prisoner is over a warden. He has zero authority over his subordinates, job description, schedule, etc. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never been a fan of his as a coach or a person. Still, you have to lack pride and dignity to put up with being the head coach in name only in a place where you’re constantly being micromanaged and emasculated and humiliated like that. He would leave for a better head coaching job if he had any actual market value or/and dignity.

This NFL divas said:

I don’t believe “OC” is quite appropriate; “Mike’s next fall man” sounds more accurate.

Says this cranky old man.

I had high hopes that by hiring McCarthy, the Cowboys would finally have the disciplined approach that had eluded them up to that point. It hasn’t changed much; they’re just as careless and disorganized as before. Furthermore, the clown performances that capped off their last two seasons can be traced directly back to their head coach.

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