The efficacy of the Nigerian educational system- Richard Nyong’s entrepreneurial perspective!

Richard Nyong
Richard Nyong

It has been a debatable issue for a long time whether the Nigerian educational system is congenial for an entrepreneur’s progress or whether it impedes it. Different opinions surface from everywhere on this, who better than the hugely successful Nigerian entrepreneur Richard Nyong to share his views on this. We shared his views on his 40th Birthday recently.

Richard Nyong has graduated from university to become one of the biggest investors. His success endorses the fact that the Nigerian educational system does produce good entrepreneurs. Richard Nyong too is of the same opinion and says business-minded individuals are the product of this education system. He is a well-known name in the Nigerian real estate sector. He has added a whole new dimension to the land property industry of Nigeria. After 7 years of completing his B.S.C in economics from Nigeria – The   University of Port Harcourt in Rivers State, he established Lekki Gardens Estate.  This company of his has created 15,000 housing units in different locations in Nigeria. 

Richard Nyong
                              Richard Nyong

It has also generated huge employment for the youth of Nigeria. During the recent COVID -19 pandemic, he has lent a lot of support to society as part of his philanthropic activities. In the opinion of this successful entrepreneur, the Nigerian public education institutions instill confidence and lay the foundation of future success for young students.


He feels that it is up to the individuals to utilize these opportunities and turn them into future successes. It is often said and rightly so, that education alone cannot guarantee success. It is up to individuals to turn and shape their destiny. Nigerian education like any other education can at best lay the foundation stone. Entrepreneurial success is more about one’s personal vision on a strong bedrock of good education!

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