The FCC is cracking down on auto warranty robocalls

The FCC is cracking down on auto warranty robocalls

The FCC is cracking down on auto warranty robocalls: The Federal Communications Commission announced Thursday that US telecom companies will now be compelled to stop millions of unlawful robocalls a day that promote extended auto warranties, going after a group of people accused of delivering more than 8 billion such messages since 2018.

The FCC issued an order on Thursday requiring voice providers to stop transporting calls it has connected to 13 people and six businesses, largely situated in Texas and California but also in far-flung locations like Hungary.

The FCC ruling stated that the group’s robocalls frequently start with recorded phrases like, “We’ve been attempting to reach you regarding your car’s extended warranty.”

These calls accounted for thousands of complaints each year, making them the single biggest source of consumer complaints to the FCC during the last two years.

The FCC claimed that during the autumn and winter of 2020, the group purchased access to over 500,000 phone numbers from more than 200 area codes and utilized them to trick consumers into thinking the robocalls were originating from nearby numbers.

According to the FCC, the group continues to broadcast millions of unlawful calls each day.

Despite earlier FCC warnings to US telecom providers about the robocalls, Thursday’s ruling is the first to compel carriers to stop delivering them. Acting FCC Enforcement Bureau Chief Loyaan Egal said in a statement that by revealing the precise individuals and organizations making the calls, the FCC has given the essential information to stop them.

Automated calls placed without the recipient’s permission are generally prohibited by US law.

According to the FCC, telecom providers that continue to transmit unlawful calls may be held personally accountable in light of Thursday’s order.




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