The OnePlus 11 concept phone consists of computer-like liquid cooling

The OnePlus 11 concept phone consists of computer-like liquid cooling

After a wave of teasers, OnePlus has revealed its latest experimental cellphone — and this time the features are greater practical than inside the beyond. The OnePlus 11 idea facilities on “lively CryoFlux” liquid cooling that mimics what you spot in some gaming pcs. The system uses a piezoelectric ceramic micropump to send cooling fluid at some point of pipelines inside the smartphone (seen outdoors) without “notably” growing the telephone’s bulk.

The end result is a moderate however tangible performance improvement, OnePlus claims. The organization says the temperature drop boosts video games with the aid of up to a few to 4 frames consistent with 2nd and reduces charging instances by means of 30 to 45 seconds. The figures might not have you ever speeding to replace your current cellphone but can also help wring the entire capability out of an upgrade.

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After that, the variations versus the same old OnePlus 11 are in the main beauty. The conspicuous pipelines and blue LED lights are the maximum apparent adjustments, but you may additionally discover a digicam hump with problematic guilloché engraving just like what you’ll find on the dial of a luxurious watch.

The OnePlus 11 idea might not enter production. however, it may not be unexpected if the liquid cooling and design strategies find their manner to destiny telephones. No, this may not suit the raw cooling power determined in excessive-quit gaming phones, but it’d make OnePlus extra enticing in case you need an above-average pace without carrying a brick to your pocket.

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